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Hi, I'm Katrina Love Senn.

I am an international yoga teacher, retreat leader and healer.

I help women (and some pretty special men) to lose weight naturally, heal emotional eating and start living their dreams.

I would like to invite you to my 21 day Weight Loss Healing Journey Retreat in Bali.

If you are curious to learn more, then please keep reading...

Would You Like to Experience a Luxurious
21 Day Weight Loss Retreat in Bali?


If you have 10 pounds or more to lose, Katrina Love Senn's '21 Day Weight Loss Retreat' could be just what you have been looking for.

This retreat is perfect for you if:

You have been struggling to find the time, energy or motivation to make your health a top priority.

Your cravings for sweets, chocolate, bread and processed foods have been sabotaging your best attempts to lose weight.

You feel so frustrated that you are starting to question whether it is even possible for you to lose weight.

You feel that the eating habits of your partner, family members, friends and co-workers are making it difficult for you to lose weight.

You feel that you would benefit from being in a supportive group environment rather than try to lose weight on your own.

Weight Loss Retreat in Ubud, Bali

Weight Loss Retreat Bali

21 Day Weight Loss Healing Journey

Retreat Leader: Katrina Love Senn

Dates: 6 - 26 October 2019
21 days / 20 nights

The Weight Loss Healing Journey is a 21 Day Retreat facilitated by Katrina Love Senn (author of Losing Weight is a Healing Journey and Heal Emotional Eating For Good).

The retreats are open for both women and men to attend.

The healing retreats are designed to help you to lose weight naturally and gently release the root causes of excess weight and emotional eating.

This retreat is perfect for you if you are ready to detoxify, heal and release weight naturally.

The town of Ubud in Bali makes the ideal spot for your weight loss holiday.

The peaceful, healing envionment of the retreat, will have you feeling better in a matter of days. With years of stress, trauma and worries, just melting away.

Leaving you feeling lighter, happier and healthier in your body, mind, heart and spirit.

You will be well looked after from the moment you arrive at Denpasar airport until the moment you leave...

On this weight loss retreat, you are welcome to come by yourself or bring a friend or loved one with you!

Katrina is an experienced teacher and has facilitated healing retreats internationally for over 10 years now.